Jabberwocky was a poem by lewis carroll

Meaningless to many and crazy to some

But jabberwocky made a perfect sense

To the one who it was written for.

Every poem is written for one person,

for one particular person.

And that poem is how we live


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Random understanding

“Misunderstood with a hint of comedy
Takes no time to turn into tragedy”

(Two liner)

My story

I got a story

Just like everyone else

Just like that next girl

Who pushes the door every time where she has to pull

And bumps her head

It’s just as clichéd as the guy

Who does engineering, but his heart

lies in the rhythm of words

It’s just as cute as the boy

Who ran away with a girl

At the age of five just because she told him “you are cute”


My story is just like the girl

Who wants to make her dad proud

Not by being an obedient daughter

But by being a rebellious genius

My story is just like that old man

Who washes his 800 every morning

With an affection of a father.

The man whose eyes if you see

Is filled with water

Sparkling and caged, with an invisible holder

Reflecting the image of his lost daughter

And never letting go…

My story is just as adventures as that traveler

With such a happening life

Meeting people, moving places

A life some envy, some follow, some dream of

A life where he is running away from home

Because home is a nightmare to him now

Because home is a place of violence to him now

It’s a cage he flew away from

Because home is an open sky to him now

Because home is where he doesn’t have the courage to go back to


My story is just like that crazy girl

Who tells adventurous stories

With big sparking eyes

The girl who always gets into trouble

And entertains the whole class.

The girl who goes home to a lonely house;

Where mom is out ignoring the truth,

And the cell phone shows the picture of dad…

Dad… who is always there

Dad… who she idealizes

Dad… who she miss now

Dad… who left.

My story is just like everyone else

But it’s just not mine

It’s about everyone

Who has ever touched my life.

My story is YOU


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The Adventure

I need to plan the adventure.
Its getting to late already
Its high time
If I don’t do it now, then maybe it won’t happen ever.

I gotta go….
Feel the air
And fly with it,
With no boundation at all.
Speaking without uttering sounds,
And listening the silence.

I need it.
More desperately with every passing second.
My boold wants to flow out just to feel true freedom.
And my mind needs new work and mysteries and adventures and plotting to live, because boredom kills.

And important of all…
My soul is hungry for years.
It wants to feed on true depths, true peace, on truth itself.



Its so hard
To finds the words
Words which can describe
The exact heart.

We believe what we see
But we never try to look for
What someone else see

The words are mere cover
Cover which are empty now
The reality inside is now lost
Lost in the handling of masked men.

Words are just few buckets
Of the sea…
We can’t give the sky to feel
So let a flower it be.

Icarus’s sun


I’ll fly that high
Not because I want to
But because that is the only thing I saw,
That was the only thing I felt for so long.
It called me,
And I come.

The passion drew me,
Desire flapped like wings.
I felt the warmth
And the air melted me.
The light called me,
I came,
And I fell.

Warmth turned into peace
Orange was blue then black.
And down I go
Not because I have to
But because I will.
Because I came,
I fell,
And now I’ll fly!!

Are we!?

I am ridiculously happy about the mistake I commit again and again.
I am absolutely sure about the sufferings in the way of this happiness.
And I still don’t wanna stop.
This is love, isn’t it!
Love is a lust, an addiction…
You just don’t wanna stop,
Even if you want it to stop.

You just fall into that pit
And you are just as happy about it as you were the first time.
I guess
We are stupidly in love with love, aren’t we!?


Run as fast as you can…
From the people you love
Shut the door and never open it
For all it will bring is distruction.

You will love more than you want.
You will love more than you can.
You will be destroyed more than you are capable of.

The world will end around you but the one who sheds your blood and makes you smile…

So run and never look back
Run coz you know no other way.
Run as far as you can n never stop.
Because they will follow you
And if they caught you…
You will live
And you will die
Both at the same time.

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