Reality or illusion

I plucked a rose from infinite number of flower in that meadow, in which we were having our walk like every day. I turned back to her to give her that beautiful blue rose and surrender my love to her.

But where is she… she was there 2 min ago…

Jasmine! Jasmine…. Where you? I shouted.

Find me…! I can hear her laugh, I instantly turned to side from where the voice came, to follow its trail and find its origin. I examined all around, but there was no one… suddenly I saw a man with shaggy cloths and a big knife in his hand, heading to same side from where her voice come.

I shouted and asked ‘hey! Who are you?’

But he ignored me and then disappeared behind a tree.

Devid… help….

I ran towards the tree, but before I could reach there, two men in white dresses came in front of me n grabbed me by my both hands.

I pleaded ‘let me go… she needs me, he will kill her.’

But both of them started pulling me to opposite side.

‘Mr. James, it’s time to go in and have rest.’ Said one of them

I tried to lose from their grip, but it was too tight

I shouted at them ‘let me go… I m not James, I m devid… and my wife is in danger.’

‘Mr. James’ another one shouted back at me ‘you don’t have any wife, you never got married, and there is no man here, you are all alone and your name is Mr. James Weller.’

Now come on, doctor wants to see you.


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