Daily Prompt: Mistake

via Daily Prompt: Mistake

If I don’t embrace my mistakes by saying (and though I trury believe it for more than one reason) that “I believe in ones individuality”, which in true sense is defined by once mistaks, habits and failure, then I won’t have anything to love myself for!!


Reality or illusion

I plucked a rose from infinite number of flower in that meadow, in which we were having our walk like every day. I turned back to her to give her that beautiful blue rose and surrender my love to her.

But where is she… she was there 2 min ago…

Jasmine! Jasmine…. Where you? I shouted.

Find me…! I can hear her laugh, I instantly turned to side from where the voice came, to follow its trail and find its origin. I examined all around, but there was no one… suddenly I saw a man with shaggy cloths and a big knife in his hand, heading to same side from where her voice come. Continue reading “Reality or illusion”