The Stories Untold

There are floods of emotions
Drowning you,
There are thought
Trying to make sense,
Like souls without
There bodies
Trying to burst out
Through the mouth,
To make there existence felt.
But the tongue betrays
And the mind is in chaos.

The black ink
stains the white paper,
Like blood on
A knights armour.
The marks of the
Unknown tragedies
Hidden from the joyous kingdom,
Caged inside the bars
Between the lines.

And those, my friend, are the stories untold!!



1) The endless sky
The drowning water,
The noisy waves
Calling you,
To drown in its depth.

The unknown depth,
The wide varing depth,
Which can contain  whole of you.

Surrounding you in its peaceful soundless world
World without chaos
Chaos to find you
Coz you found yourself already

In the vast depth of
The rumbling peaceful sea
You found the depth in you.

The deep seacrets hidden from the human world; eating you inside making you fall apart,
The painful hole that was made is now filled with the colorless water.

2) You find the freedom,
the true Freedom,
Beneath the fooling surface.

The surface,
Tells you to walk freely
And we dont see the irony.

The irony is that
We talk about peace
By shouting our throats out.

The bewitching water
Pulling you inside,
It’s not for drowning you,
But to make you alive.

By freeing you from
This unworthy world.
Not by filling the depth
But by heeling the wounds.

And you’re born again!!

Daily Prompt: Mistake

via Daily Prompt: Mistake

If I don’t embrace my mistakes by saying (and though I trury believe it for more than one reason) that “I believe in ones individuality”, which in true sense is defined by once mistaks, habits and failure, then I won’t have anything to love myself for!!

It feels nothing, i feel so sad.

The gloomy colored cloudy sky.

Somewhere some light, somewhere dark clouds.

Somewhere a ray of sun, but too dim to make sense. Continue reading

Reality or illusion

I plucked a rose from infinite number of flower in that meadow, in which we were having our walk like every day. I turned back to her to give her that beautiful blue rose and surrender my love to her.

But where is she… she was there 2 min ago…

Jasmine! Jasmine…. Where you? I shouted.

Find me…! I can hear her laugh, I instantly turned to side from where the voice came, to follow its trail and find its origin. I examined all around, but there was no one… suddenly I saw a man with shaggy cloths and a big knife in his hand, heading to same side from where her voice come. Continue reading “Reality or illusion”

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